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How to Point 'n Click Your Way To
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THE PROMISE: You will get access to my brand spankin' new, step-by-step, "point 'n click" Affiliate Dashboard that turns generating traffic to your affiliate program into a virtual no-brainer.

Plus - you will ALSO get 7 audio recordings (with PRINTED transcripts) of the exact coaching teleseminars I charged $1,497 for. I'll take you by the hand and walk you every step of the way through the material.

THE UNIQUENESS: You will discover UNIQUE traffic generating resources that command results -- guaranteed. You will do that faster, simpler, easier and cheaper than with any other alternative. Period.

PLUS, the methods you're about to discover will absolutely guarantee you do NOT pay for the targeted traffic until AFTER a sale is made!

THE GUARANTEE: Click the icons. Follow the step-by-step instructions, complete with visual screen captures, that show you exactly what to do and how to do it. We even delve further into the material in our 7 coaching audios.

THE CREDIBILITY: Based on my own systems that generated more than 2.8 million web visitors since 1999.  Actually, that figure is 1 1/2 years old.  I need to recalculate it, but I'm probably at 3.5 or 4 million uniques now.



Dear Friend,

Do you wanna make your traffic rock?

Are you tired of chasing gimmicks, clever methods that get broken at every Google slap?  Wasting money on software that doesn't work or quickly gets outdated?

Do you want to follow a tested, PROVEN system for getting traffic?

I want to give you on a silver platter my EXACT system for how I got 1 out of every 102 people in the WORLD who surf the Internet with an English browser to visit one of my web sites (as documented  at and as measured by Web Trends).

This is A to Z. It is step by step.  It is what I personally do and how I do it.  This IS how I get my traffic.

But more importantly, I dare you to show me ANY other program for traffic that is:

1.  Step-by-step, A to Z, follow the big numbers like I give

2.  Has a 7+ year track record of generating MILLIONS of visitors.  (By the way, for the record, it's impossible to generate over a billion visitors on English browsers.  Only 1 billion people in the world (more or less) have Internet access.

3.  Reveals EVERYTHING with nothing held back.

4.  Is evergreen and not subject to being zapped by the next Google slap or made unprofitable by ever-escalating pay-per-click prices.

5.  Is NOT a gimmick likely to NOT work a year from now.  In other words, something that is stable and that you can build a REAL business around.

A few months ago I held a 6-week "Affiliate Dashboard Coaching Program". It was a huge success. I held a total of 7 - count 'em - 7 coaching calls. And everyone who signed up got access to my never-before-released AFFILIATE Dashboard product.

Just like my other "Dashboard" products, you start with the first icon. You click on it. You follow the simple, easy steps. Then you go to icon two. Each icon takes 20 minutes or less to complete.

Next thing you know, you've got a stream of traffic to your site from your very own affiliate program.

Basically, the 6-week coaching program I held walked listeners, step-by-step, through every icon in the product. I spilled the beans and offered all sorts of insights, cutting edge techniques, tips, and tricks.

The end result? 7 audio recordings and PRINTED transcripts, and the step by step Affiliate Dashboard product to tie it all together.

This goes WAY BEYOND what you have ONLY in the Affiliate Dashboard. The Affiliate Dashboard by itself is light years away from anything else I've seen. But in the coaching program, I explained tricks, secrets and nuances that will NOT be revealed in the Affiliate Dashboard by itself (if and when I choose to sell it).

Not only that, but since our coaching calls, I went through every single icon to elaborate even more, to make things as clear and actionable as possible. 

If you want SERIOUS traffic, if you want to have a real business and stop playing around with gimmicks that are here today, gone tomorrow, if you want traffic that won't vanish at the next Google SLAP, then please read the rest of this letter very carefully.

I won't tease you or try to please you with fancy sounding techniques.  This is all bread-and-butter, 100% known to work because it's what I do and practice and have for many years now.  And yes, I have gotten millions of visitors from it.  And yes, I prove that at

It's an amazing package if I do say so myself. I'd venture to say it's the best thing out there on getting your own affiliate program up and running - in as little as 30 minutes or less a day - quickly and easily.

Actually, to be fair, not ALL the icons on the Affiliate Dashboard can be completed in under 30 minutes a day. But that is my GOAL I shot for. And at the end of each icon, I give you the ACTION for that day.

If you're tired of trying traffic methods that cost an arm and a leg or just don't work for your type of business, or you're sick to death of high-priced keywords then this is definitely for you. With your own affiliate program, you don't pay for ANY traffic until the sale has already been made. So upfront costs are minimal.

And having your own affiliate army out there selling your products, day in and day out, is a true BUSINESS. It's not a one-shot thing where you invest all your time, money, and energy, only to have Google change their algorithms. It's evergreen. And it's LONG TERM.

Here's what my new Affiliate Dashboard Game Plan Package will do for you:

1. It'll walk you step-by-step through what to do to create your own affiliate program - quickly and easily. Every step is clearly laid out and labeled with big numbers and step-by-step screen captures (with support by video as needed). 

Not to mention the 7 teleseminar recordings and PRINTED transcripts of the sessions I held for customer who paid me $1,497 to participate. In every audio, I talk about the game plan for the next week. What the action items are. Plus I cover all the information in step-by-step detail.

(Note: The calls are NOT live in this package. The coaching program itself is over with.)

2.  It'll save you tons of time. The Affiliate Dashboard product was designed to be extremely clear cut and concise. And each icon can be completed in roughly 20 minutes a day. Plus with our weekly step-by-step coaching teleconference calls, it'll be that much easier to understand the material.

3.  No expensive software. What else can I say? I show you how to get streams of traffic using free or extremely low cost methods.

4.  It gives you an A to Z system. Everything is covered. From "A to Z", starting with setting up the program, coming up with your commission plan, setting up the sign up page and so forth.

Next comes the integration of what I like to call your "Quick Start Guide." This is where you get the links set up, create emails for your affiliates to promote, come up with the landing pages and other affiliate tools.

Following that, you'll be well underway to generating traffic by whippng up banner ads, brandable PDF's, 404 error pages and other viral marketing tools for your virtual army of affiliates to send to their lists, upload to their web sites and promote to their visitors.

By this point your traffic counter should be spinnin' up a storm, but you're only just revvin' up your engines because right around the bend you'll discover 6 ways to recruit new affiliates by promoting to affiliate program directories, creating back links and seeding big names anytime you want to generate an influx of new signups.

As you watch your new affiliates and super affiliates streaming in, you'll also discover how to boost the performance of existing affiliates with easy to create monthly reseller contests.

Last but not least, you'll continue to boost the performance of existing affiliates and generate new interest with monthly or weekly updates, creating video blogs and informative podcasts.

Whether you want to use 6 or 36 of the affiliate program traffic generation methods I show you how to do.

You won't find anything else like it anywhere. Just about no stone is left unturned.

5. It's got something for you, whether you're a beginner or an advanced student. My Affiliate Dashboard was created for beginners.  But I've included a steps for advanced students (existing affiliate program owners) as well.

For example, you get in-depth information on doing your own affiliate contests, creating innovative tools quickly and easily, coming up with weekly or monthly podcasts and other advanced video strategies.

And of course, on our weekly calls you can pick my brain and ask me about any trouble spots that have come up.

6.  Drive streams of new affiliates to your sign up page. Nothing wrong with some of the existing traffic generation methods out there. Heck, some of 'em are pretty darn effective. But the problem is, once that strategy dies you're left with traffic stats that look like they took a virtual nose dive.

What my system does is it shows you how to continue to move on to the "next level up." And you'll be surprised at how fast, simple and easy it is to create an ongoing stream of visitors to your own affiliate program at will!

7.  Gives you proven, time-tested affiliate program strategies I use in my own day to day marketingI believe time is the most important commodity you have. So I save you time by providing you with the best strategies I could find. (These are the same strategies I use in my own marketing. Day in, day out.)

With this Affiliate Dashboard Game Plan Package, you will learn EXACTLY how I generate literally millions of visitors to my web sites. I've been doing this for years. This stuff works.

As you know, it's well documented ( that I got 1 out of every 102 people who surf the Internet with an English browser to visit one of my sites. And that does NOT include my first several years where we had very heavy traffic but didn't have Web Trends Live installed to track it. Also, it doesn't include my past year of traffic.

This is NOT some good ideas.  This is NOT what I think might possibly work. This is what I KNOW works because it is what I do and what I have done.

No one else has a product even remotely resembling the Affiliate Dashboard.


Here's Just a Small Fraction
Of What You'll Discover
in the "Affiliate Dashboard"

How to generate loads of targeted traffic to your web sites - day in and day out - and only pay for the leads that BUY from you.

Learn to avoid Google's notorious algorithms altogether with your own affiliate program that pays only AFTER a sale is made (and if a sale ISN'T made, you don't owe one red cent).

How to collect your own army of affiliates, chomping at the bit to sell your product... even if you're unknown in your market.

How to STEAL your competitors' biggest affiliates!

Learn exactly how I've built my business and generated traffic for 10 years now. No stone is left unturned. You'll see EXACTLY what I've done to get affiliates, promote to them, and get them selling.

Build a real, bona fide business through your relationships with your affiliates. You'll never have to worry whether the most recent Adsense check you received in the mail was your last.

Step-by-step, how to create a brandable PDF for your affiliates. This has been the most popular affiliate tool in our arsenal for years. Your affiliates can promote your product by simply giving away free information.

Key ways to tweak your affiliate signup page to get a truckload of new affiliates signing up - day in and day out.

How to write a killer welcome email that practically FORCES your affiliates to sell your product right away.

How to create graphic banners, buttons, and other images as tools for your affiliates - WITHOUT Photoshop and WITHOUT any graphic design experience whatsoever!

Your 10-minutes-a-day action plan for recruiting new affiliates.

How to create an irresistable JV offer.

How to activate your customers and make them your biggest evangelists.

How to create a drop-dead, motivating affiliate contest that costs you $0 out of pocket.

How to send pro-quality direct mail with just a few clicks of your mouse!

How to quickly and easily create pre-made, pro quality sites for your affiliates using a free web-based web site editor. (Hint: you can use the same free software to export PDF's and a host of other file types!)

Keep in touch with your affiliates with your free affiliate blog. Revealed: A-Z instructions on getting your own blog up - in less than 5 minutes!

Quality article-writing - broken down into 4, easy steps.

Learn how to create promo videos and video communication for your affiliates with the included "video blogging primer".

Stick out from the crowd! Learn EXACTLY how to make your affiliates sell YOUR product over your competitors'.

Exactly how Matt and I create our famous (or infamous) StarCast audios!


I'm hoping that BY NOW you realize my new Affiliate Dashboard Game Plan Package is worth every penny of the one time low price -- and more. 


In summary, here's what you get
in my new, Affiliate Dashboard
Game Plan Package:

One: You get access to my never-before-released Affiliate Dashboard product, with the point-and-click traffic generating system that turns this once difficult task into a virtual no-brainer.

Two: 7 - count 'em - 7 coaching teleseminar audios. The coaching members paid me up to $1,497 to join me on these calls. In the audios I cover all of the how-to information and action items for the next week. Every minute detail is covered. And these are no wishy-washy, fluff-filled audios. Each audio is at least an hour and a half long. And each call has been professionally transcribed.

Three: You get step-by-step instructions on 36 different methods, all including visual "step one do this, step two do that" screen captures and text explanations.

Four: You get 3 free, extra, COMPLETE product downloads. I scoured the net looking for some great PLR products that would help you along the way. They'll help you in certain areas that we may not cover in-depth on the calls. This is a complete, A-Z package.

Other products on traffic are all text or contain too many videos, but the Affiliate Dashboard relies mostly on step-by step-numbers with screen caps because we find they are a lot faster and easier to follow. And you'll have me guiding you every step of the way in the 7 teleseminar audios and PRINTED transcripts.


I Guarantee You WILL Get Wins & Results
or You Get 100% Of Your Money Back

I'm NOT going to turn you into an affiliate program expert overnight. I won't provide free software support and be your answer machine for any old question you have.

What I DO guarantee is this:

1. You WILL get results.

2. You WILL save money using my system vs. using an SEO expert to get the same amount of traffic to your web site. Remember, you only pay AFTER a sale is generated so you don't have to risk hundreds or thousands of dollars hoping to get results.

3. You will NOT be crossing your fingers hoping the "latest and greatest" methods still work.

4. You WILL generate quality traffic, unlike that of which you receive from the cookie cutter "traffic exchange" programs.

I absolutely, unequivocally guarantee the above 4 factors, or I'll refund every penny of your money within the first 90 days. This is an unconditional, satisfaction guarantee.

If for any reason you're not 100% thrilled and delighted
with my Affiliate Dashboard Game Plan, we'll give you
every PENNY of your money back. That's how confident I am
that you'll love the Affiliate Dashboard Game Plan Package.

The price to snag this extensive Affiliate Dashboard Game Plan Package is $697. That's a pretty penny off the $1,497 it cost to get IN to the coaching program. Now you don't get access to the coaching Forum. And you only get the audios and printed transcripts of the calls I held for the coaching program. You don't get to participate in any calls. But that's a hefty $800 savings off the original price.

I'll repeat what I said at the beginning of this letter:  I dare you to show me ANY other program for traffic that is:

1.  Step-by-step, A to Z, follow the big numbers like I give

2.  Has a 7+ year track record of generating MILLIONS of visitors.  (By the way, for the record, it's impossible to generate over a billion visitors on English browsers.  Only 1 billion people in the world (more or less) have Internet access.

3.  Reveals EVERYTHING with nothing held back.

4.  Is evergreen and not subject to being zapped by the next Google slap or made unprofitable by ever-escalating pay-per-click prices.

5.  Is NOT a gimmick likely to NOT work a year from now.  In other words, something that is stable and that you can build a REAL business around.

Having said that, as with ALL my products, I do not represent you will experience profits as I have nor that the typical or ordinary buyer of this or any of my products makes substantial income.  I have no control over what people do or don't do with my products.  So while your income is NOT guaranteed in any way, your money back IS guaranteed if you are not satisfied.

The Affiliate Dashboard is accessed 100% online through your web browser, thus it works for both Macs and PC's.

One last thing, if you think $697.00 is a lot, think of all the SOFTWARE , junk and garbage you've blown money (or friends who did) and didn't get JACK from it because it was unproven, unworkable or hype.  You know my reputation.  You know my products.  You know I've been successful in this game since day one.

To get INSTANT access to the Affiliate Dashboard Game Plan Package, and all the audios, transcripts (in PDF format. The printed transcripts will be mailed), and products that come along with it, just click the link below. You can pay using any major credit card, e-check, or from your PayPal account balance.

Your Order is 100% Safe, Secure, Risk Free and Fully Guaranteed!


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Best Wishes,
Marlon Sanders

CEO - Higher Response Marketing, Inc.

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